Pairing Weiners with Wine

Wine pairing with food usually ends up in the posh nosh unpronounceable food for snobs area. So we thought we’d bring the snooty wine pairing down a peg or two, to a dish everyone can agree on internationally as being awesome.

Below we have a couple of suggestions for pairing our wines with the perfect cylindrical food of champions - the humble sausage. You can dine pretty gourmet on a sausage these days and we have wine to match literally any kind of sausage.

Pork and Leek Sausages
Lighter sausages such as pork and leek or pork and apple pair well with white wine. We thought it was great with Marlborough Sun Chardonnay.

Exotic Spicy Sausages - Chorizo or Merguez
Who doesn’t love a little hot spicy sausage action? Spice generally calls for wines with a touch of sweetness but with sausages like chorizo, merguez or cajun-spiced sausages we’d suggest looking primarily for a red with ripe fruit. Aged oaky wines tend to accentuate chilli so alternatively we recommend something unoaked like The Marlborough Sun Gewurztraminer.

German style sausages - Frankfurter and Bratwurst
Like the Germans, we’d probably head straight for the beer when chowing down on a Deutsche Wurst. A light lager, pilsner or Kolsch for frankfurters; a slightly sweeter beer like a golden lager for grilled brats. But if it’s a wine you’d prefer to wash down these magical tubes of germanic deliciousness down with try our crisp, dry Marlborough Sun Riesling.

Venison - Beef Sausage
The Venison beef sausage tends to have a slightly gamey flavour that works with a more robust style Pinot Noir. We thought it went well with the Marlborough Sun Pinot Noir.

Admittedly when the team did this Weiner wine pairing, we potentially overdid both the wine and the weiners so our judging skills may have been moderately impaired. Still, we loved it. We encourage you all to hold your own weiner and wine night.

Ta Ta for now foodie peeps!