Since the start of grape growing in Marlborough, the little South Island New Zealand province has been constantly outstanding in its field.

It was in 1986 that Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ‘leapt’ on to centre stage capturing international interest and becoming the focus for wine connoisseurs and consumer alike. The news was all over the world and people started to notice this New World wine region and began to inquire as to what it was producing and why it was so good. The Marlborough Sun range reflects this ‘news’ aspect of Marlborough grape growing and the creation of a new story with every wine is part of the way to share the news.

Flavour to Savour

Marlborough Sun Sauvignon Blanc Bubbles

Lifted aromas of grapefruit, passionfruit, nectarine and citrus blossom.

Marlborough Sun Chardonnay

White peach and grapefruit flavours with a nutty spice oak character

Marlborough Sun Pinot Gris

Juicy pear and apple flavours with subtle pasty notes. Refreshing with a lingering finish.

Marlborough Sun Sauvignon Rosé

Flavours of fresh juicy watermelon with ripe summer pears and subtle nuances of raspberry leaf.

Marlborough Sun Pinot Noir

Medium bodied – red berries and black cherries with a subtle spicy oak component.

Marlborough Sun Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh and crisp with flavours of gooseberry, passionfruit and honeysuckle.

Marlborough Sun Riesling

Flavours of citrus, mandarin and subtle minerality. Well balanced acidity

Marlborough Sun Grüner

Veltliner A fresh and elegant wine with flavours of ripe apple and apricot with a fine grained chalky structure

Marlborough Sun Gewürztraminer

Elegant and complex. Lychee, citrus and spice.

Marlborough Sun Merlot

Juicy and ripe blackberries and plums with a hint of vanilla.