5 Legally NZ Naked Things to Do in NZ

As a company we applaud nudity and perhaps due to our agreeable climate here in Marlborough we see it more often than most. Lucky for those of us who prefer to conduct activities in our birthday suit there are a few pursuits in NZ that you can enjoy sans clothes without the fear of being locked away! Unfortunately not all of these pursuits can be enjoyed with wine but they are completely 100% legal!

  1. NZ’s World Naked Bike Ride.

    Held in Golden Bay on the 2nd of March 2019 and in Otago on March the 10th, this naked bike ride is an organised protest against indecent exposure to car emissions. The bike rides have been created to draw attention and give voice to the challenges and dangers faced by bike riders and pedestrians. So if you want to do your bit and well... show your bits whilst riding bicycle be sure to sign up. No wine ;-(  https://www.freebeaches.org.nz/eventwnbr.htm

  2. International Nude Golf Tournament.

    Held at the Wairau Valley Golf Club in Marlborough. Full access to the club house and bar too so you might be able to get a wine or two between the 9th and 10th hole. The golf club is located close the Wai-natur Naturist Park (an ideal place to stay nude for longer than 18 holes). https://www.naturist.nz/home/events/nude-golf-international/

  3. Nudist Beaches.

    Most of New Zealand’s official Nudist beaches are in the North Island but if you are in the Marlborough area there is a recommended secluded spot at Ward Beach. Check out official beaches here: http://nudebeaches.co.nz/nudebeaches.html

  4. Naked Rugby.

    The Dunedin Nude Rugby Tournament. Usually held in June, this event has two teams of seven showing no fear with some scary tackles between resident team the Nude Blacks and invited English and international backpackers forming the other side. Best to check when it’s on. Due to the difficulty in locking down locations to hold the games, there has been talk of this tournament ending forever. But we still hold out hope.

  5. Naked Bungy Jumping.

    The Famous Bungy jumping brand A J Hackett seem happy for people to jump naked. They have multiple locations in New Zealand’s South Island. At the original site at Kawarau River, Queenstown you can jump fully exposed for 43 metres. You’ll need to speak to staff personally to organise the naked jump. We love crazy nude activities, so we’ll certainly be giving it a go next time we are down in Queenstown. Wine not advised during the jump. https://www.bungy.co.nz/

There is a sixth pursuit that has been going on since the dawn of time and as long as you do it in private, it’s totally legal.That’s right! Drink a bottle of Marlborough Sun wine nude in the backyard.